Ideabytes, DGSMS is grounded in SaaS. Evolved to save cost and make systems more efficient

Software as a Service is a method by which software licences are provided to customers as a service for a period of time, usually a year, rather than an outright perpetual purchase. The key value provided by SaaS is that it lowers the annual cost of a licence and ensures that every year one has the latest version of software at their fingertips.

Ideabytes½á¡¦with its Danger Goods Safety Management Solution suite of products goes one step further. All the software licenced is web based. This has huge ramifications to an organization:

1) No need for IT to install software on local hardware
2) No need for IT to update software
3) No need for IT to back up software
4) Users can access the application wherever there is internet access
5) The devices which can execute the solutions can range from a mobile phone, to a tablet to a desktop device, independent of Operating Systems.

The cost savings by almost eliminating IT efforts to install and support an application, more than pays for the licence purchase.

In Summary, Ideabytes½á¡¦web based software is the latest technology that executes on any platform, resulting in significant savings to a company

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