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Ideabytes Inc, located in Ottawa Canada, with head offices in Hyderabad India and Santa Clara USA

Ideabytes® is focused on providing the highest quality in Products and Services that improve efficiency by 30% or more. For you to be our customer, we need to provide value; Value in Price, Value in Quality and most important Value in Service.

Since 2009 – we service Tier 1s and SME`s, and every one of them has been extremely satisfied. A feat that is difficult to achieve in a world where the most important watchword is Maximum profit. At Ideabytes® the reward is to see high quality products leave our development floor with no returns and a smiling customer. Our team has grown to over a 100 people most located in our development office in Hyderabad – India.

Ideabytes® entered the Dangerous Goods space in 2014 because there was a large scope for automation in an industry that is the backbone for the world. Without transportation, our life styles would fail to function. We looked at the rules and regulations that define safe transportation for Dangerous Goods, and realized that individuals best able to understand it would be Chemists and lawyers that had very good comprehension of the language used by the competent authority.

We believe that the Dangerous Good suites of products are second to none and that you will benefit from all aspects. We have over 20 specialists that just focus on mastering the code and translating it to simple web pages using IoT technology. The development team is proud to stand by their work and are in the photograph below.

firstline support
First Line Support

French Editor and Communications

Head of Compliance

DG Safety Management safety Solutions DG development team. Most possibly the youngest and largest team in the DG and IoT space
Meet the HAZMAT professionals. Team dedicated to delivering high quality solutions

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