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dgmobi – Mobile based solution to placard LTL loads, includes segregation for TDG, DOT 49 CFR. Over 1 million loads processed by engine. Simple, fast, interfaces to Mobile application, transaction tracking for 2 years.

DGMobi - Your companion to DOT 49 CFR, TDG Compliance

dgmobi--ios-MainscreenGetting certified in DOT 49 CFR or TDG is a challenge in itself. Can one expect you to remember all the rules that control the display of placarding on the truck?
DGMobi™ has the answer, self-contained, self-checking application on an Android or iOS device in you pocket. Enter the Hazmat data, every time you load the truck and DGMobi™ calculates the placarding that has to be displayed. When you unload the truck, delete it from the loads in your app with a simple swipe and the required placarding is recalculated.
dgmobi--ios-PlacardScreenBesides placarding DGMobi™ helps you validate the proper shipping name, class and packing group are correct on declaration. Knowing that one has the right documentation, makes for a smooth inspection.
Before even loading the truck the driver needs to make sure if the loads on the truck are compatible with the pick-up. In the United States, the segregation matrix is complex and DGMobi™ quickly verifies that the loads are compatible.
DOT 49 CFR segregation rules are complex, whereas TDG segregation only encompasses Class 1 ( explosives).

HRCQ and ERAP: dgmobi-ios-hrcq

If picking up a 49 CFR compliant load, if HRCQ applies to the load an advisory will be displayed so that the driver knows the goods have to be transported on authorized routes. Similarly TDG has an approximate equivalent ERAP. Even when a load originating in the US crosses the US border, if it meets the guidelines for ERAP, the goods will be held until an ERAP is produced. DGMobi™ warns drivers of these risks and helps in compliance

ERG: dgmobi--ios-PlacardScreen

The 2016 Emergency response Guide a heavy book that sits beside the driver is now available on DGMobi™ . Enter the UN Number, and it displays, the Emergency response information and actions. It will also display the Emergency Contact numbers and if the device is an Iphone, it will actually let you dial the number from the display.

Record keeping:

All the transactions on DGMobi™ are maintained in the cloud for 3 years as long as the DGMobi™ is valid. In an audit, the driver is confident to display a list of loads that were hauled in full compliance of DOT 49 CFR or TDG. If your company uses DGSMS®, Dispatchers from terminal can push transactions for pick to the DGMObi™ terminal eliminating the need to reenter the information manually.

Placarding modes: Safety and Permissive :

An LTL truck driver always seeks to optimize the placards displayed and comply with regulations. To achieve this DGMobi™ provides the permissive placarding mode with 3 levels of placarding optimization: 1) Optimized, 2) semi-optimized and 3) non-optimized. All 3 modes are fully compliant with the regulations and will pass scrutiny of an inspecting.

However larger trucking companies prefer not to utilize all the exemptions and opt for safety mode. They prefer that the placarding reflect the danger on a truck in the event of an accident. The safety mode will have the larger loads of the same class duplicated with UN Numbers on each and if there are smaller loads of the same class, they too will be placarded by a single placard. In the safety optimized mode, the driver may choose to use the Dangerous / Danger placard if desired.


DGMobi™ is available to companies with customized logos and a central point of data collection which can be synchronized with a local copy of DGSMS®. Pricing is given based on volume of annual licenses. Please contact sales@dgsmsusa.com for more information.

Customer feedback

  • awesome! I love this app DGMobi saves me tons of time, handled quickly and efficiently.

  • Jan 20, 2017

    I really like the app. It is simple to use. It is especially a helpful tool if multiple hazmat is being hauled. Easy and quick way to make sure you are compliant. Extremely helpful service which is refreshing to get these days. Thanks so much for developing this app and making it very affordable as well.

  • I am very pleased to receive such quick and wonderful customer service from you and your team. I’m really satisfied with DG Mobi app for IPhone. It is very simple and easy to use application that I can depend on. Once again, I want to thank you for your product and quick customer support.

  • Dec 1, 2016

    We have installed the DGMobi for our hazardous shipments and find it very helpful. We had a few questions and customer service (Sridevi Akurathi) helped answer all our questions.

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