DGMobi-logo- Android Based Placard Calculator – that can function stand alone or networked to DGSMS. Compliant to TDG and 49 CFR
DGMobi is offering exclusively to Landstar BCOs a chance to win a percentage of Santa's Pot.
Each license purchased before Dec 25, 2018, adds $1 to Santa's Pot.
Santa's Pot Amount: $0
1st prize *$500
2nd prize *$300
3rd prize *$200
*Conditions Apply (Draw is valid after 1000 New registrations on or before 25th of December 2018)
  • Critical data - load content and location are protected. Never shared with 3rd party for advertising.
  • Users can access 24x7 support at 1-888-409-8057 EXT 1004 or by E-mail support@dgmobi.com
  • Placarding, ERG Service & Expense Tracker are usable without internet connectivity.
Select the DGMobi Annual License(s) to purchase
Product Unit Price Quantity Total
49 CFR Android - DGMobi US LANDSTARUS $24.99$ 0
49 CFR iOS - DGMobi US LANDSTARUS $24.99$ 0
TDG Android - DGMobi CA LANDSTARUS $24.99$ 0
TDG iOS - DGMobi CA LANDSTARUS $24.99$ 0
Total 0 US $0

This offer/promotion is being conducted and managed solely by DGMobi.
Landstar is not affiliated with nor involved with how the offer/promotion is managed or how winners are selected.

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